ABK6 - Reserve Artist collection Edition Limitée Cognac

Reserve Artist Collection - Limited Edition Cognac ABK6

Bottles numbered from 1 to 5000!

Age Reserve
cru Blend
alcohol 40%
bottle size 70cl
100 Items

ABK6 - Reserve Artist collection...

Reserve Artist Collection - Limited Edition Cognac...

The Cognac

In our cellars we exhibit the works of local artist Julien Drevelle, surrounded by the oak barrels containing our very precious cognacs. These paintings live and evolve thanks to the angels' share and allow our cognacs to age harmoniously.

Fine and intensely aromatic!


Owned by Francis Abécassis, ABK6 is a young cognac house based at the Domaine de Chez Maillard near the village of Claix. Its 250 hectares of vineyards produce high quality eaux-de-vie, which are used to blend this contemporary cognac. The goal of this label is to introduce a young and modern spirit to the traditional drink and at the same time value the quality. Not only its name, an abbreviation of the owner’s name, but also its blog, facebook and twitter pages show the target group of the company. ABK6 owns its own brand as well as the brands Leyrat and and Réviseur. Together, the three brands of the company have been awarded over 60 awards in the past years [...]

Visit ABK6 : Domaine de chez Maillard - 16440 Claix - +33 (0)5 45 66 35 72