Cognac Ages

To carry the name Cognac, spirits must be aged for at least two years. For professionals the age of a Cognac is counted beyond its second birthday, from April 1st (Account 00, 0 and account 1 to name it Cognac). The National Interprofessional Cognac Bureau (BNIC) is in charge of recording all the parcels of spirits produced in the authorized production sector. It certifies and closely monitors the age of cognacs thanks to the "Accounts" systems.








Hors d'Âge

This is the youngest eau-de-vie for the cognac range.
"Very Special" for the initials V.S., guaranteeing him an aging of at least two and a half years after the harvest of the grapes (says count 2 by the professionals). The three stars would originally be the celebration of Comet Halley's observation during a particularly successful year, one star of which would be a year of aging.

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Very Superior Old Pale (*): very superior quality, old and pale. It is the precise translation of this denomination stemming from the Anglo-Saxon commercial tradition. The French regulation foresees that the VSOP Cognac is elaborated with a blend of eaux-de-vie whose youngest is at least 4 years old. under wood. In practice, Cognac houses often use older armagnacs that will bring a richer aromatic palette. View all products VSOP Cognac

The trade name XO (which means in English extra old - very old) is composed of Armagnacs that have at least 10 years of aging.The XO, very popular abroad, is less known in France, where it will delight those who like elegant, rich and sweet eaux-de-vie. Discover it around bouchées with foie gras, sweet sweets or digestive... View all products XO Cognac

A Vintage Cognac means that Cognac is a unique blend of a given year. It is a single vintage harvest that has aged for a period in oak barrels and then bottled. Its aging is not limited in age. It is good to know, that a vintage cognac of 1988 (for example) was harvested in 1988 but can be bottled in 2018. The important thing is the year of the harvest. View all products Vintage Cognac