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Established in 1643 by a wine merchant, Augier is the oldest Cognac House. She was a pioneer in exploring the riches of cognac soils and vineyards at a time when the region discovered the full potential of his brandies [...]

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Cognac Augier Le Singulier: Aromatic richness and eloquence. A subtly expressive cognac, made from a delicate and forgotten grape variety: Folle Blanche. A frank and lively attack. A round and thin body. An intense fruity taste, with a balanced finish with subtle woody notes....


Cognac Augier L'Océanique: Purity and iodine notes. A cognac open to maritime influences, with an iodized character. A straight and pure body, revealing a beautiful minerality. A floral and spicy bouquet, marked by hints of blond tobacco...


Cognac Augier Le Sauvage: Power and Structure. An assertive cognac, with the beautiful power inherited from the distillation on the fine lees of the wine. A complex body with a subtle balance, with frank and lively fruity notes. A long, slightly spicy finish...