Braastad - Chateau de Triac Single Vineyards

Chateau de Triac - Single Vineyards

Age Reserve
cru Fins Bois
alcohol 40%
bottle size 70cl
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37.50 tax excl.

Braastad - Chateau de Triac...

Chateau de Triac - Single Vineyards

37.50 tax excl.
The Cognac

This cognac comes from the vines of the Braastad family's castle and has aged in very old barrels. The family property is located in the Fins Bois area and the soil of this vineyard is rich in limestone, which brings floral and fresh notes to this cognac.

All the cognac in this blend comes from the vines of the Braastad family castle. The blend has matured in very old oak barrels, mostly from the forest of Tronçais.
A cognac from the limestone rich soil of the castle's vineyards, on the border of the Grande Champagne region, develops floral tones when aged for a long time. This cognac is pure and natural, with very light oak aromas due to the ageing in old barrels.

Colour :
Light yellow-brown

Pleasant aromas of flavour, citrus and dried fruits.

Well-balanced oak, pure and light in the mouth.

Lemon Citrus Dry Fruits Wooded Oakwood

The history of the Braastad family stretchesover centuries, but the story of Braastad Cognac started in 1875 when a young man founded his very own House of Cognac on the banks of the River Charente. Five generations later, we are still making world-class cognac, applying the same care and craftsmanship as our founder did over 130 years ago [...]

Visit Braastad : 29 Quai de L'Ile Madame - 16200 Jarnac - +33 (0)5 45 36 87 00