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A blend of old cognacs made from the finest Grande Champagne and Fins Bois...


The Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels Cognac is a real treat, and offers extraordinary value for money...


A cognac that has matured and is aging in 12 of our best xo casks in our heavenly cellar...


Presenting in its blend some of the best Borderies eaux-de-vie, our VSOP is distinguished by the high level of terpenols, combined with extremely fine floral aromas.


Distilled with the lees and aged only in small, fine-grained French oak barrels, our Very Special is characterised by an extremely high concentration of esters, giving intense aromas of summer fruit and subtle spices.


This is a single-estate cognac exclusively from the superb CAMUS vineyards in the heart of the prestigious Borderies appellation. It is the oldest and smallest growth of the appellation, representing less than 5% of the AOC Cognac. With its 188 hectares, CAMUS has the largest extension of vineyards owned by a single producer within the Cru. Thanks to their unique clayey-limestone soil rich in flint, our Borderies plots give birth to a very distinctive VSOP Single Estate, with deep floral notes.


Exclusivement distillé avec la méthode Intensity, en sélectionnant les litres les plus aromatiques parmi les têtes pendant la deuxième distillation, notre XO est une explosion de notes fruitées somptueuses mêlées d’épices.


Cognac VSOP Petite Cigüe Fanny Fougerat, Author's Cognac - Raw 100% Fine Wood Very pretty entry level, Petite cigüe is faithful to the structure of the other products: refined, fresh and gourmet while being very pleasant and very easy to drink, despite its youth...


Cognac Le Laurier d'Apolon Vendanges 2010 Fanny Fougerat, Cognac d'Auteur
- 100% Petite Champagne Cru Young, masculine and ambitious, this cognac offers a virile aromatic palette in a rich and powerful style...


Cognac Iris Poivré XO Fanny Fougerat Cognac d'Auteur
- Cru 100% Borderies First vintage of the estate, this Cognac is surprising because it is unconventional. An XO 100% Borderies, the flagship product of the domain. Precise, aerial, floral and very pleasant Cognac...


The Heritage carafe is certainly a great discovery because it comes from the assembly of the oldest eaux-de-vie stored on the property...


This age-old Cognac draws from its blend all the aromatic richness of an exceptional cognac...


This Cognac is a complex blend of eaux-de-vie, some of which are over half a century old...


The Sélection Coup de Cœur is a blend of old cognacs traditionally made from 100% Petite Champagne...


Esteve Grande Tradition Cognac: The youngest Cognac in our range tastes 15 years old...


Thanks to its perfect balance and an absolute roundness the Very Old Reserve of the Family wins the immediate and total adhesion of all those who discover it...


This limited series is a cognac of meditation and sharing. But it is above all the story of a transmission that has succeeded over time in changing a profession into art...


This 1972 vintage is composed of a single non-assembled eau-de-vie of the "Petite Champagne" vintage located in the heart of the Cognac region... Limited to 2500 bottles