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A recent creation, assembled from eaux-de-vie mainly from Borderies, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne...


The Cognac house Camus has officially announced the arrival of a new product to complete the range Extra whose title promises to explore the dark side of Cognac: the Extra Dark & ​​Intense...


Camus youngest Cognac, the Very Special is a blend of different eaux-de-vie of the Cognac region...


The 2014 Limited Edition of Cognac CAMUS Borderies VSOP presents a lively, mineral and floral character.

The wine used for this Cognac came mostly from the Domaines CAMUS estates, and was exclusively distilled on the lees.

The long ageing process in seasoned casks has sublimated the mineral character of this CAMUS Borderies VSOP into a harmonious, smooth and coherent array of aromas.


This cognac offers fresh and light iodine notes on the nose, a lively and slightly woody appetizer with hints of dried fruits and a finish with a salty touch and this softness so characteristic...


This cognac is the aromatic expression of a unique blend of cognacs from the best terroirs...


After the island's vinification and distillation, this cognac benefits from a unique aging process that is articulated in two distinct phases...


Distilled with the lees and aged only in small, fine-grained French oak barrels, our Very Special is characterised by an extremely high concentration of esters, giving intense aromas of summer fruit and subtle spices.


This cognac is a blend of eaux-de-vie from exceptional vineyards, with the very distinctive aromatic presence of the Borderies region...


A second aging, on the island, in a cellar located in the heart of Fort de la Prée...


This cognac marries notes of pastry with notes of cinnamon, old porto and dried fruits...


Presenting in its blend some of the best Borderies eaux-de-vie, our VSOP is distinguished by the high level of terpenols, combined with extremely fine floral aromas.


Exclusivement distillé avec la méthode Intensity, en sélectionnant les litres les plus aromatiques parmi les têtes pendant la deuxième distillation, notre XO est une explosion de notes fruitées somptueuses mêlées d’épices.


This is a single-estate cognac exclusively from the superb CAMUS vineyards in the heart of the prestigious Borderies appellation. It is the oldest and smallest growth of the appellation, representing less than 5% of the AOC Cognac. With its 188 hectares, CAMUS has the largest extension of vineyards owned by a single producer within the Cru. Thanks to their unique clayey-limestone soil rich in flint, our Borderies plots give birth to a very distinctive VSOP Single Estate, with deep floral notes.


Assembly of several hundred eaux-de-vie, some of which, treasure of the house, have aged more than a hundred years in the cellar, Jean Martell's Gold is the ultimate expression, the fruit of art unique of three centuries of quest for perfection...


Martell Cohiba is a premium cognac, made from the best brandy of great champagne and aged between 40 and 50 years in oak barrels...


Signed Jean Martell, named after its founder, Martell XO (Extra Old) is one of the last novelties of the range, proposed since 2005 by the famous cellar master Bruno Lemoine...


Association of more than 150 eaux de vie since 1912, Martell Cordon Bleu rivals roundness and softness...