Cognac Brands

The Cognac : the most prestigious spirits by its complexity and finesse. The team of ICOGNAC.fr helps you find the best cognac adapted to your expectations. Indeed, how to find among these hundreds of brands? Our platform allows you to select, thanks to our experts, this one which will correspond as close as possible to your cries by filtering by vintage, age, aromas or in pairing of your dishes or tasting.

Remy Martin

Rémy Martin has always been a family business managed over time by two families who share the same values: the Rémy Martin and Hériard Dubreuil families. For three centuries, our family has pursued one ambition: to capture the essence of cognac [...]

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Celebrating a living tradition that has been handed down for five generations, CAMUS today reflects more than 155 years of entrepreneurship, as evidenced by the turning points that marked each succession of the family's legacy. The vineyard of the CAMUS family is a magnificent 280-hectare estate (691 acres), located in the best vineyards of the Borderies, in the heart of the cognac appellation region [...]

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Focusing on strengthening the brand's Meukow brand, Michel Coste has sought for it a strong symbol able to evoke the quality of its cognacs while distinguishing it from other brands. Thus, in 1993, he created the "Feline" bottle, adorned with the panther, which became the icon of the brand. This superb animal symbolizes to perfection the strength, elegance and flexibility that are the intrinsic qualities of Meukow cognacs [...]

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Cognac DEAU is located in Sireuil (Charente, France) and more precisely "Aux Moisans" in the heart of the Cognac region. It is here that in the middle of the vineyards, overlooking the Charente, is our distillery and its 12 copper stills, adjoining the old cellars where aged in more than 2000 barrels the precious water spirits of our Collection [...]

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Bourgoin cognac is a handcrafted vigneron cognac. The family estate is located in the village of Tarsac, in the municipality of Saint Saturnin, Charente (France). Our cognacs are sincere and authentic. No long speeches, the truth is inside the bottle. You will find the emotion of a great cognac. Receive this punch like a gift. Glare or light stupor, our micro barrique xo cognac aromatic range will not leave you unscathed [...]

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Because of this large area but limited harvest. Cognac is the birthplace of many vine growers who highlight their distilling and cultivation skills, each bringing a touch of creativity. Often accompanied by a master chai (many for large houses), it gives life to the characteristic that is found for each bottle of cognac. You will find on our platform a regular highlighting of Cognac Houses large and small in order to highlight this jewel of French soil knowledge. The best known are of course Hennessy, Rémy Martin, Courvoisier, Martell, Hine, Meukow etc. These are the largest exporting companies of the French spirits and break records every year in the United States and China ... representing more 90% export abroad. The finesse of this alcohol hangs him the most prestigious spirits in the world with houses with precious bottles sometimes exceeding ten thousand euros. But a savvy consumer will take into account that it depends on the rarity of a vintage, small production, bottles often made by hand and in France, and secrets of assemblies kept for hundreds of years. Some houses have remained familly during these years as Camus, ABK6, Guy Pinard, De Luze, Braastad etc ... They are now major players on the new codes of comunications and the promotion of cognac. We will do our utmost to make your choice easier. Now it's your turn...