A cellar master, one word: patrice pinet and “fire”
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A cellar master, one word: patrice pinet and “fire”

Patrice Pinet is Courvoisier’s cellar master. According to him, there is an indeniable link between cognac and fire.

There is an undeniable link between cognac and fire. Of course, fire is the omnipresent element that resonates in the copper of our alembics, increases the temperature of the wines, then the brouillis or distillate, and transforms it into eau-de-vie. Fire is also used in cooperage where the barrels are shaped by the heat of fire and then toasted inside to bring out vanilla notes during the aging process.

At tastings, cognac is like an erupting volcano, overflowing with elements, successive aromatic notes and colors with golden, amber and glowing lights. The fire of the alcohol fades before this spectacular show with its impressive conclusion.

In high-quality cocktails, the cognac is the essential ingredient in a veritable firework display. Finally, it’s a very traditional cliché, but one I confirm—there is nothing more pleasant than to contemplate the flavor of very old cognacs by a fireside.

Patrice Pinet


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