A vine planted for each bottle returned to the property
House of Cognac

A vine planted for each bottle returned to the property

A Charentais winemaker wishes to encourage his consumers, professionals or amateurs, to better recycle his containers.

“We are lucky today to have an increasingly educated population on the fact that we do not have to throw away. We only need to find a way to engage them to make the effort to return the bottles for reuse “asks Frederic Bourgoin, Charente domain namesake (20 hectares of Cognac in Saint-Saturnin).
To push its consumers, professionals or amateurs, to return their vials of brandy emptied, the Charentais winemaker offers them to assume the postage costs of returning to become the godfathers of the vines he will plant soon.
“We are going to put aluminum labels on behalf of the sender on each vine” says Frédéric Bourgoin, who will then send a photo of the vineyard to invite his sponsor to visit the estate.


Returned bottles will be cleaned with hot water and examined for reuse (scratches are tolerated, chipped will be rejected). But “in the world of spirits, the bottles are often nickels” says Frédéric Bourgoin.
Using a particular form of bottle (Apotheker of the German glass maker Kefla), the winemaker counts less saving on his purchases (the bottle costing him 91 centimes) that have a positive environmental impact by “avoiding operations de-labeling, grinding, melting, recoulage Glassmakers.
The Bourgoin estate sells 20% of its production directly, the remaining 80% is sold in bulk to the Charente trade.


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