The Larsen cognac house: "Selling is sad but reasonable"
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Frédéric Larsen has just sold the emblematic trading house that bears his name to the Rémy Cointreau group. Discreet since the transaction, the businessman now explains why his company, despite...
Remy Cointreau : Why the stock exchange welcomes the takeover of Brillet cognac by Rémy Cointreau
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(BFM Bourse) - The announcement of exclusive negotiations to take over the venerable J.R. Brillet house, producer of Fine Champagne cognac, has enabled the price of Rémy Cointreau to climb to its...
Cognac the way we like it
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You can say what you like, but a good cognac is always a small pleasure to be missed on special occasions. By the way, do you know the different categories of cognac?
The old cognacs of La Famille Estève
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In Petite Champagne, on the border of the two departments (Charente and Charente-Maritime), the Estève family owns 50 hectares of vines spread over five communes, including 30 hectares around the...
The old organic cognac will be waiting for you.
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Thanks to a handful of pioneers, helped by a derogation from the Ministry of Agriculture, organic cognacs have existed for a long time. They just waited to grow up for a few years.
For its 20th anniversary, Vitibio takes stock
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Meeting in a general assembly on Tuesday 6 February in the Saint-Eugène festival hall.
Cognac : the aroma wheel
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Discover the aromatic richness of cognacs though an aromatic wheel
Meeting with Thierry Marx
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Meeting with Thierry Marx, godfather of the 11th edition of La Part des Anges. The program of the interview: his report and his sensitivity to cognac, as well as his inspirations for perfect chords.
Picket digger
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Without the stake driver, one could not achieve these thousands of kilometers of trellising vine, true guardian essential to its good culture.
Alembic manufacturers
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The Charentais still, with its cucurbite, its capital and its serpentine, has become a real symbol of cognac and the art of artisanal distillation.
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The cooper is the other great cognac alchemist, transforming the oak into real aromatic gold.
Water and cognac
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The river Charente makes the heart of our region beat which extends to the ocean.