SelgasCano makes waves in Cognac for the Martell foundation
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While waiting for 2020 and the end of the renovation of its historic building, the headquarters of its company foundation, Martell House has given carte blanche to the Spanish architectural duo...
European companies call for free trade agreement with Vietnam
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On 20 and 21 January, the European Parliament is due to vote on the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Vietnam. The European Wine Business Committee sees several advantages for the...
Spirits, collateral victims of the US-EU trade war
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Bourbon from Kentucky, whisky from Scotland and perhaps soon French cognac, find themselves unwillingly caught up in the turmoil of the trade war between Washington and Brussels.
France accelerates its programme to produce resistant plants.
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At the nurserymen's congress held in the autumn, FranceAgriMer gave an update on the production of resistant plants, announcing the acceleration of their production.
Cognac maintains course for new plantations
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Lifting the hood of the Interprofessional Business Plan, the representatives of the Charente vineyard intend to reassure on the new plantations envisaged. In particular with the trade's...
30 fine spirits at the end of the year.
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From the great classics in a box set, to new French or world novelties, there is enough to satisfy alcohol lovers, whether they are apprentices or experts. Whiskies, cognacs, rums, gins,...
Deau Cognac opens office in Shandong
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With 40% of its business currently in Asia, and a new commercial office opened recently in Shandong Province, Tsing Tao, Deau Cognac now hopes to build on its relationships with key Asian retailers.
Writers’ Tears Announces Double Oak Irish Whiskey.
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There’s a new entry in the Writers’ Tears lineup of Irish whiskeys, called Writers’ Tears Double Oak, which is a blend of single pot still and single malt Irish whiskeys that has been aged in both...
Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles announces award-winners.
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This year’s competition took place from 23 to 25 August 2019 in Fenyang, China.
Top Ten Prestige Cognacs
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Today, we bring you the crème de la crème of our Cognacs – unabashedly artful, ancient vintages from long-forgotten producers and priceless special cuvées from the world’s most famous houses.
Distillery of the Tower concentrates its eaux-de-vie
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The company that produces brandies based on cognac groups its cellars on a single site for 20 million euros. At the same time, it provides space to produce gin, vodka and rum more easily.
At the Crillon Hotel, cognac to shine shoes
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Cognac frosting. Who knows?