Charente: a cellar of cognac gone up in smoke

Charente: a cellar of cognac gone up in smoke

A major fire hit Saturday, June 15 a cellar of cognac with a capacity of 2500 hectoliters in a wine estate in Charente, without any victim to be deplored.

The fire, which started at midday, was controlled in the late afternoon by firefighters, who were up to 70 to intervene in this farm in the rural district of Baignes-Sainte-Marie. Radegonde. “The fire took on photo-voltaic panels and spread to an alcoholic cellar of 200 m2,
to a semi-detached house and a farm shed for a fire area of ​​about 1000 m2 in total, “said AFP Captain David Bardin of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service of the Charente. “We managed to protect an adjacent distillery, with about 350 hectoliters inside,
and a dozen agricultural machines, “he said, noting that Enedis had to proceed with cutting a 20,000-volt power line near the site of the fire. The firefighters will have to watch the place all night because there is “still a little alcohol flow from the cellar”, which has a capacity of 2500 hectoliters, he added
, without being able to say what exact volume of eau-de-vie contained this cellar. “Cognac is a 40 degree alcohol and therefore has a high flammability capacity,” explained Captain Bardin. Distillery fires and alcoholic winery are rare in the Cognac region, only twenty in the appellation since the early 2000s
but are particularly dangerous because they produce a lot of heat and little smoke, with little visible blue flames. And alcohol vapors that escape during aging can catch fire in height. The Cognac region is the leading region in Europe for the storage of alcohol. About 550.
000 hectoliters are produced and aged every year. In the Charente department, there are more than 5,000 industrial and craft cellars and a thousand distilleries, 22 of which are classified as Seveso.

Source : lefigaro.fr


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