Charente-Maritime: products awarded at the Concours général agricole.

Charente-Maritime: products awarded at the Concours général agricole.

On the fringe of the Paris Agricultural Show, the Concours Général Agricole awards highly prized medals. Here are this year's prize-winning Charente-Maritime products .

Oysters on a platter, anonymous bottles of brandy: the Concours général agricole (CGA) for food products is less colourful than the parade of cows or pigs, but for the winners it is synonymous with a sales boom and guaranteed fame.

On the sidelines of the 2017 Salon de l'Agriculture, CGA jurors tested thousands of products (wines, cheeses, jams, olive oils, Espelette chilli pepper, honey and other processed products) that claimed oak leaf, gold, silver or bronze. Here are this year's award-winning Charente-Maritime products:


Eaux de Vie outside Armagnac

Photo credit: ©Guillaume Bonnaud

Photo credit: ©Guillaume Bonnaud

    Cognac AOC VSOP

Gold medal: Estève Jacques, 17520 Celles.


illustration photo : First the colour, then the nose and the palate. Tasting in total concentration so as not to let any emotion slip away. ©Guillaume Bonnaud

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Source : icognac.fr


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