Cognac: the ten favourite addresses of the English journalists of the "Guardian".

Cognac: the ten favourite addresses of the English journalists of the "Guardian".

Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen. The company he runs is ranked first in the Top 10 favourite addresses of the "The Guardian" newspaper in Cognac.

The article is entitled "Ten of the best cognac distillers, tours and tastings". It offers a different getaway to the land of cognac, far from the traditional circuits and the big houses. This text was published on 31 January in the columns of the "Guardian", one of the most famous and influential English newspapers. The hit parade is as follows.

1. The Bache-Grabrielsen house in Cognac

Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen.

Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen. ©Photo credit: Philippe Ménard - "Sud Ouest" archive

The British newspaper liked this "90-minute visit, a perfect introduction to understanding the world of cognac. »

2. Otard and the castle of François Ier in Cognac

Les voûtes piquées d'histoire du château de Cognac, propriété de la maison Otard depuis la Révolution française.

The vaults of the Château de Cognac, owned by Otard since the French Revolution, are steeped in history.
©Photo credit: Museums of Cognac

"The majestic royal castle of Cognac was the cradle of one of the most famous kings of France, François I. After the French Revolution, it was acquired by the entrepreneurial Baron Otard," wrote the "Guardian", who could not forget to recommend this great classic.

3. The British touch of the Hine house in Jarnac

Le Paradis de la maison Hine.

The Paradise of the Hine House. ©Photo credit: Jonathan Guérin / "South West" archives

Hine is the only Charente trader and official supplier to Buckingham Palace. He was supposed to be in this Top 10!

4. The Painturaud brothers in Segonzac

Les frères Painturaud à Segonzac.

The Painturaud brothers in Segonzac. ©Photo credit: Painturaud family

The cognac vineyard has 4,200 winegrowers. The "Guardian" has met the Painturaud, direct sellers in the heart of Grande Champagne, and recommends their production.

5. The Marcadier-Barbot family in Segonzac

Visite en jeep dans les vignes de Grande Champagne, chez les Barbot-Marcadier.

Visit by jeep in the vineyards of Grande Champagne, at the Barbot-Marcadier house. ©Photo credit: Loïc Dequier / "Sud Ouest" archives

In the summer, Dany Barbot and his brother Serge Marcadier offer jeep tours in the heart of the vineyard. It's unusual. The English love it...

6. Personal reason in Angeac-Champagne

Sabine et Bertrand de Witasse, viticulteurs en Grande Champagne, ont lancé leur marque de cognac,

Sabine and Bertrand de Witasse, winegrowers in Grande Champagne, have launched their cognac brand, "Raison personnelle". ©Photo credit: Philippe Ménard - "Sud Ouest" archive

Bertrand and Sabine de Witasse gave up their work in Paris to take control of the family estate 24 years ago [...]. They are one of the few distillers who heat their stills with wood rather than gas," writes the "Guardian".

7. The Brard-Blanchard organic estate in Boutiers Saint-Trojan

Dégustation chez Brard-Blanchard.

Tasting at Brard-Blanchard. ©Photo credit: Jonathan Guérin / "South West" archives

The address is secure. Very recommendable. Here, the 24 hectares of vines in Fins Bois are cultivated without the slightest chemical product. Three-quarters of the production is sold without intermediaries. The Brard-Blanchard range includes five cognacs, more or less old, but also pineau, Charentais wine and grape juice.

8. The Allary cooperage in Archiac

La tonnellerie Allary à Archiac.

The Allary cooperage in Archiac. ©Photo credit: "South West" Archives

The "Guardian" appreciated the family dimension of the company, which is sometimes open to the general public.

9. Le Chai restaurant in Cognac

English journalists point out that the daily special costs 12 €. They tasted a "traditional Charentais leg of lamb with white beans".

10. Hotel Quai des Pontis in Cognac

Les hébergements insolites du Quai des Pontis, dans le quartier Saint-Jacques, sur les bords de Charente.

The unusual accommodation of the Quai des Pontis, in the Saint-Jacques district, on the banks of the Charente.

©Photo credit: Anne Lacaud / "South West" Archives

Here, "you can book a trailer, a comfortable wooden pavilion or a romantic cabin," says the English newspaper.

Source : icognac.fr


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