Cognac: what is the new gourmet restaurant at Chais Monnet?
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Cognac: what is the new gourmet restaurant at Chais Monnet?

The Thunderers opened Wednesday at the hotel. The restaurant aims a star. Here's what you need to know about this new table.

The Thunderers opened Wednesday at the hotel. The restaurant aims a star. Here’s what you need to know about this new table.

It’s not every day that Cognac sees a new restaurant open. This is even less common when it comes to a gourmet table. Les Foudres, it’s his name, opened this Wednesday at the hotel Chais Monnet. Here is what you need to know.

Why so much delay?

The five-star hotel opened in September, two months late. The gourmet restaurant should have been ready at the same time, but it was late due to its work. However, this is not the only reason for this late opening. Indeed, the town hall has decided to deviate the course of the rue Basse-Saint-Martin to create an esplanade in front of the Foudres (and rebuild the street of Vigerie about twenty meters away, by shifting the grounds of Martell ). It was this operation that took a lot longer than expected. And for the management, impossible to open in these conditions: “During the day, we have the noise of the works, and in the evening, cars touch the front door, so the experience is not extraordinary for a gourmet restaurant “, laments Gaëtan Penec, marketing director.

A special experience

Before even sitting down to the table, the Thunderbolts offer a special experience. First by the place. We are here in the cathedral cellar, an emblematic piece of the former industrial site of the Monnet family. The giant barrels that gave their names to the restaurant have been restored and serve as a masterpiece.

The cathedral cellar has been completely renovated.

Photo credit: loïc dequier

As soon as you get home, the waiters can not do enough for you. They invite you to have an aperitif in the lounge area. Next door, an extensive collection of cognacs is available. And for those who would like to have a little fun after dinner, a smoking room has been specially arranged.

Before the meal starts, the customer is asked to choose a knife. The choice is about thirty models, all made to measure. We keep his personalized knife until the end of the meal.

Who says gourmet restaurant says impeccable service. If you miss a few seconds to go to the bathroom, the waiters take your towel and straighten it on the table …

What do we eat?

The chef, Sébastien Broda, makes this promise: the menu of the Thunderbolts will be locavore. In other words, the cooked products will come from 100 km to the round. Demonstration with this first menu (evening), which will change every week.

raviole parsley, Jerusalem artichoke pulp, mushroom consommé

Photo credit: J. G.

Starters: return of Cotinière raw, kohlrabi, pomelos, skipjack oil, fermented water / Hulls and knives of our ribs, cauliflower marinière, fine cooking jelly, Gensac caviar / duck foie gras half cooked by Mr. Ribereau, variation around the pear, cognac candy / The tongues of sea urchins in a natural way, parmentier cloud, lemon-caviar, popcorn potato and buckwheat.

squid just in smoked oil, lemon apple, tuna belly vinaigrette.

Photo credit: J. G.

Dishes: Coastal sea bass roasted on the skin, ventrèche like a crispy dumplings, salsify, cardoon and brussels sprouts, juice with shrimps / Aiguillette of Saint-Pierre in soft cooking, grated of poutargue, fennel, butternut and clementine, juice of emulsified braising / Supreme and poached-roasted pigeon leg, tuberous chervil, onion and cognac, jus with verjuice of the house Bourgoin. / Poitou-Charentes lamb saddle cooked in Swiss chard leaves and walnuts, Agatha apple and goat cheese in the idea of ​​a gnocchi, Mr. Fleurier vinegar juice.

farm guinea fowl in declination, supreme gilded on the skin, rolled mushroom leg, fins and sot-the-leash in abomasum, melting apple with slaughter, sauce linked to foie gras.

Photo credit: J. G.

Desserts: Panacotta green apple, honey lace tile, manzana apple jelly, tatin ice cream / meringue crisp, coconut biscuit, exotic jelly, lime sorbet, coconut espuma, passionate samoussa and wild herb salad / Intense chocolate, shortbread reconstituted cocoa, creamy chocolate Xibun, cognac jelly, cocoa tile, Guanaja / Finger sorbet brown, fine meringue with lime, vanilla cream Tahiti, clement sorbet

rouget barbet à la flamme, poulpe de roche, cannelloni végétale, essence de braisage au safran.

Crédit photo: J. G.

How much does it cost ?

For lunch, the starter-course-dessert menu costs 47 euros. In the evening, several formulas are proposed. For the three stages, count 65 euros. For the four stages, it will cost 79 euros. The five steps are worth 97 euros.

Intense chocolate, shortbread cocoa reconstituted, creamy chocolate Xibun, cognac jelly, cocoa tile, Guanaja sherbet.

Photo credit: J. G.

Finally, there is a “grand tasting parenthesis”. This formula has seven steps, as much as to build a lightning. Judge names instead: the board, the stave, the setting in pink, the bending, the bousinage, the sinking, the lightning. There, the addition really climbs: this full menu is displayed at 117 euros.

What is the table worth?

Since last Wednesday, the restaurant is in the testing phase. Lunch and dinner, it works with guests. “Sud Ouest” was one of the lucky ones elected. What to remember from experience? First, the mastery of flavors. The dishes are subtle, finely composed, such as paintings (both visually and taste). The sauces are undoubtedly one of the chief’s signatures. Side quantity, we tick a little. But after all, is not this the clean of a gourmet restaurant?

Source : sudouest.fr


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