Eaux-de-vie: Georgia warns of probable international brandy fraud

Eaux-de-vie: Georgia warns of probable international brandy fraud

Bercy opened an investigation and searches were conducted in the Charente in the context of a sprawling case of fraudulent brandy for the development of brandy.

It would cover nearly 8 million liters. Several major cognac houses engaged in this market would be impacted,
fooled after having thought of buying wine spirits when they were actually grain spirits. The association of Georgian wine producers, which brings together the main players in the market of the wine brandy of this country bordering the Black Sea, has alerted about this probable fraud. According to the latter, “Altosa”,
a Spanish company, would be involved. It allegedly falsified delivery slips passing cheap corn spirits through Georgia for Georgian wine spirits. This is the result of a survey conducted last year by the country’s customs authorities,
which have recently alerted France and Spain. If it were to be confirmed, this fraud, which does not concern cognac, could obviously be detrimental to French brandy sales internationally.


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