Francis Abecassis, The angel's share.
House of Cognac

Francis Abecassis, The angel's share.

At only 23 years old, the young woman runs the family business with her father Francis Abecassis. Last week, she was honoured at a dinner in Paris.

She has the shyness of a beginner, the ambition of youth and the lucidity of a family entrepreneur. Elodie Abecassis has been running the Abecassis estates since last July. Alongside her father, Francis, creator of the company and protective angel for his daughters, she looks after the family's 230 hectares of cognac vines, the 40 employees of the estate and the brands LeyratRéviseur and ABK6.

Elodie Abecassis is only 23 years old and since last Tuesday she has been "SensationnElles". That day, she was in the honour of a lunch organised by women for women working in the field of gastronomy, wines and spirits. Elodie Abecassis was highlighted in front of an audience of 70 influential women, such as Anne-Sophie Pic, Carol Duval-Leroy, Fatema Hall... Drafted by Béatrice Cointreau, Elodie Abecassis was honoured.

The parallel is striking. Since his first buyouts, since the launch of ABK6 and the relaunch of Leyrat, Francis Abecassis has used a very "Frapin" strategy. That of the estate cognac, the single estate, banking on quality, elegance, the virtues of the terroir and the care taken with the wines to distil sweet eaux-de-vie. Béatrice Cointreau was only 25 years old when she took the reins of the Segonzac cognac house, launched by her father, Max. Elodie Abecassis made her ranges at only 23 years old, supported by her father. No surprise, then, to find the young woman in the honour of a reception organised by Béatrice Cointreau.

But it is in Champagne-Vigny that Elodie Abecassis first became famous, at the head office of the family business. It is here, at the place called "Chez Maillard" that the ABK6 heart beats. The small village is only occupied by the offices, the shop, the wine making and ageing cellars, a distillery belonging to the "family". This is where Elodie Abecassis lives. "The view over the vineyards is magnificent. You feel good here," she swears. A baccalaureate obtained two years ahead of time. A prep school and then HEC for four years, including a semester at an American university in Philadelphia. "I wanted to see for myself why young Americans are more entrepreneurial than we are. In fact, they are pragmatic. »

The markets to discover your cognacs

And it is with pragmatism that she intends to continue the work begun by her father. She travels the markets to make people discover her cognacs. There is no question of obtaining a sales figure. "But we are growing every year", the young woman swears. Scandinavia and Europe are still the young brand's leading markets. The United States follows. Asia? "Difficult. »

This week, to attract new consumers, it will launch new packaging for its products. Thin, slender bottles with labels emphasizing what a "cognac de propriété" is. "We are clearly telling the consumer our message", she says. She has already acquired the marketing reflexes. Ready to declaim a speech in the form of a poem to evoke the vineyard, its beauty, the wine, the estate brandy and the magic of cognac. Twenty-three years old, forty employees, four production sites in Champagne-Vigny, Barret, Jonzac and Châteaubernard: the young woman is not dizzy, torn between the weight of responsibilities and her youth. "My father is still close to me, that helps. And the teams are receptive and have given me a very positive welcome. At the same time, they've known me for a long time, which is an asset. "Since her father started making acquisitions in the Charente when Elodie was only a dozen years old.

Since then, she's come a long way. But only considers herself on the starting line. "Our brands and our company are still in the construction phase. We still have a lot of work to do before we know if it's a success or not. "It's up to her to combine Elodie's success with that of ABK6.


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