François Voyer Cognac : small estate to become a big exporter.
House of Cognac

François Voyer Cognac : small estate to become a big exporter.

Nestled in the heart of Verrières, the François Voyer house has been marketing its small production of cognac internationally for the last fifteen years in 40 countries around the world. A challenge that the CCI of Charente accompanies.

The François Voyer house, located in Verrières, remains discreet right down to the end of its barrels. And yet, it exports its cognacs internationally, bottles that can also be found on the best French tables: the Meurice, the starred Jules Verne restaurant in the heart of the Eiffel Tower, the Plaza Athénée...

Pierre Vaudon, cellar master of the François Voyer house and oenologist by trade, does not shout out this list of awards, which he has won through hard work. "It is a family business that has been in existence since 1830. For a long time, the structure has been producing fine eaux-de-vie, but in the 1990s it experienced a problem in promoting its products," says Pierre Vaudon. I arrived in 2000 and the challenge was to help develop this small cognac house. It must have been a simple experiment 17 years ago. "An experiment which is still in progress, with very positive results. "The idea was to land a high-end niche market, to make the difference compared to the big houses with our 29 hectares of vines in Grande Champagne, a postage stamp on the cognac postcard, he admits with a smile. We wanted to keep this exclusive and rare character through the small size of the estate. So we had to build solid arguments, take part in sommelier competitions, talk about us in the press to have material to offer our customers. »


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