Harvest in Cognac: "a beautiful aromatic balance".
House of Cognac

Harvest in Cognac: "a beautiful aromatic balance".

The harvest began in the Cognac region at the end of a very, very hot summer. Fanny Fougerat, the winegrower who is doing wonders on Burie's side, gives us an overview of the situation.

You started harvesting very early on Wednesday, September 18th, what was the reason?

It's true that it's a bit unusual because we picked grapes on plots that had very heavy hail last year. These vines are less loaded with grapes and therefore earlier. There is a lot of concentration and so it's ripe. In our AOC area, we were certainly the first but the Pasquet family, in Grande Champagne, also started harvesting, they even finished. Like us they are looking for quality before volume or degree.

Between your parcels in the Borderies and those in the Fins Bois, how does it look?

It's quite heterogeneous, as I said, because of the plots that had suffered. Otherwise, generally speaking, the volumes are low but we have a very good balance on the aromatic level, we should obtain very interesting eaux-de-vie from these grapes. The loss of volume is significant on the plots that had hail but for the others, it's nicer, the rain this weekend was good, there is no rot, we have a healthy vine for a healthy harvest.

It was a special year...

It's true that the spring was very cold at first, at the time of flowering, we had millerandage, i.e. bunches of grapes aborted. Afterwards, on the contrary, it was a very, very hot summer that made us take the measure of the evolution of the climate, therefore a lot of drought, wind and rain at the very end of the cycle. It is welcome but comes a little late. It's not a mildew year, it's a good thing.

Concerning your products and your house, what are your plans?

We have a lot of news with a visitor centre which opened this summer. We are showing the house, the distillery with a tasting experience. And we will think about a visit this winter to welcome you at the still during distillation. Finally, we will release a cuvée very soon, a Fin Bois from the 70s. And more than ever, we are working with a parcel logic.


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