Interactive tours of Martell House
House of Cognac

Interactive tours of Martell House

The three-hundred-year-old Cognac company mixes the different periods of its history.

Direction Cognac, on the historic site of Gâtebourse de Martell. Founded in 1715 by Jean Martell, the House innovates by proposing "Martell The Journey, the new tour routes", with three themes: Heritage which focuses on the history part, the Know-How on the elaboration and the meeting of experts and finally the Part of the Angels, a more mysterious name, which is more sensory and intended for those who like to interact.

"We want to revive heritage and inject modernity, a view of the future. In the world of tourism, this is a fourth possibility that is added to the three existing ones (guided tour, free tour or audioguide). The three routes are based on the possibility of discovering Martell House according to one's interests and sensibility", explains Laura Sileo Pavat, Director of Hospitality at Martell House.

The fundamental element is interactivity with experts, historical craftsmen and ambassadors of the wineries. The latter can tell anecdotes or provide additional details during visits to the House, the 19th century wineries and the tower.

"We wanted to highlight the rich history of the Maison Martell with important archive items such as the printing bucket, the first commercial label, period photographs and advertisements. The archive corridor thus shows the international development among the fifteen kilometres of documents and other objects preserved for three centuries and nine generations. It's a journey through time," adds Laura Sileo Pavat.

Visitors are also invited to a circular room with special lighting and a swift in the centre, representing the emblem of the Martell House, to admire the landscapes via a 360 ° video, in total immersion, as if it were a view taken by a drone. They also have the possibility to take control and tilt an aircraft by moving it up or down as they wish to fly over the vineyards, hills and other rooftops in the surrounding area.

Then it's time to discover a large sculptural installation, a sort of root that intertwines in the pillars of the cellars with interactive modules such as odorama, mixology or sound workshops.
With the different animations along the routes, the guests are both spectators and actors. At the end of the tour, a tasting is commented by the expert barman.

A special cocktail at sunset

As for the bar Indigo by Martell, on the rooftop perched 24 meters high, it sees its card changed for this second year. Head bartender Oscar Blackstone, who previously worked at the Bains Douches and Lockwood in Paris, has created ten cocktails, plus one extra each week to highlight a product.

Another special feature offered by Martell is the Indigo Sunset, served only at sunset time. A special music is played to indicate that it is time to order.
In addition to the drinks, sweet and savoury plates are on the menu. "We used local know-how for the food," says Laura Sileo Pavat.

As far as entertainment is concerned, the programme varies with DJ's sets, products put in the spotlight such as Augier cognac (in June), gastronomy (in September) or the general distillery, with the quintessence selected from among the various rums, whiskies etc (highlighted several times).

Martell The Journey
16 avenue Paul Firino Martell, Cognac
Every day from 10am to 7pm
Price: 20 € per person
Rooftop bar Indigo by Martell
Open until September 29th from Wednesday to Saturday from 4.30pm to 12.30am and on Sunday from 11.30am to 10pm.


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