Jean-Philippe Bergier, 30 years of excellence at Bache Gabrielsen
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Jean-Philippe Bergier, 30 years of excellence at Bache Gabrielsen

Carried by the family of the same name, the Bache Gabrielsen cognac house imposes a signature of quality and modernity.

Behind this ever-growing success, there is a nose, namely the master assembler Jean-Philippe Bergier. For his 30 years of collaboration, a limited edition, the Cercle, was created and the interested party was revealed at Terre de Vins.

Jean-Philippe Bergier, can you tell us about your origins and your training up to your arrival at Bache Gabrielsen?
I come from a family of winegrowers and distillers in Petite Champagne, who have lived on this Cognac land for several centuries. As for training, nothing predisposed me to the job of master assembler, I have a university degree in economics (AES Poitiers-IFV Bordeaux). Only the family's passion for cognac and wines - with a Bordeaux producer sponsor and a maternal grandfather who produces Anjou wines - prepared me at a very young age for the subtleties of our products.

Thirty years at the service of Bache Gabrielsen, how do you view this longevity?
It takes 10 years to begin to master the development and behaviour of our eaux-de-vie, to plan for their future in the medium and long term. The Gabrielsen Bache House is an incredible opportunity for a master assembler. It gave me the means to express myself in the blends, to build original qualities as a team, to discover many of the riches of our terroirs... And it's not finished, 30 more years wouldn't be enough!

How do you define the Bache Gabrielsen style?
The art of revealing the richness of the terroirs by creating blends of character, very supple, with subtle and discreet woody notes to enhance the aromas of our eaux-de-vie. Bache Gabrielsen has been able to draw on the great knowledge of cognac to open doors to new expressions, without denying who we are, I am thinking in particular of the American Oak. In short, to innovate while respecting tradition.

It is also 30 at the service of cognac, what is the evolution of this product during these three decades?
Our region is constantly striving for excellence. The progress made in 30 years is impressive. Our elders were content to perpetuate traditions. Over the past 30 years we have rethought them to better control them and make them grow. I am thinking of the methods of vine growing, the mastery of wine making, the distillation process, the evolution of cooperage... The overall quality level of cognacs has improved considerably!

How did you think the Circle, what message does this cognac carry?
Our region is rich in a multitude of terroirs, men and women who know how to work their vines and distil their wine. For 30 years I have learned to discover and support these people who know how to be passionate about getting the best out of their land. Without them, what would a master assembler be like? We may master the art of breeding eau de vies, but if the work upstream is not impeccable, we will not be able to make great cognacs. Thus we form a circle of skills and knowledge, a circle made up of men and women at the service of cognac and all those people around the world who count on us for moments of pleasure to share. To express this, we took a little of each of the hundreds of batches stored in our cellars, thus taking back all the eaux-de-vie of our deliverers. That's why we have written on the Circle bottle all the names of our delivery people.

CIRCLE is a cognac in a limited edition of 1000 bottles that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the house of the cellar master of the Bache Gabrielsen Cognacs. Indicative price 149,00 €.


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