La Charente : Fanny Fougerat, auteur de cognac
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La Charente : Fanny Fougerat, auteur de cognac

In the shadow of the big names of the cognac houses, this young producer offers a brandy of her own, made from family vineyards.

Fanny Fougerat knows the slightest secrets of distillation. In her family, four generations of winegrowers have succeeded one another. It is therefore an understatement to say that the young woman is attached to her terroir.

Her reputation is not only due to her name. Over the last four years, she has undertaken to shake up the established codes in the field. Fanny Fougerat's cognacs are neither blended nor caramelized nor filtered.

"I try to have eaux-de-vie with a lot of freshness, which are not about heaviness" she explains. Delicacy and finesse are her watchwords.

Fanny Fougerat sells some 6,000 bottles a year mainly to wine merchants and restaurants in about ten countries around the world. Far, far away from the big houses. "They are the driving force" explains Olivier Chapuzet, manager of a wine cellar, "winemakers like Fanny bring out more chiseled products for wine lovers".

Report Bruno Pillet, Cécile Landais and Olivier Ozier
(speakers: Fanny Fougerat, cognac producer; Olivier Chapuzet, sommelier and manager of a wine bar)


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