Meukow, the prestigious Cognac brand, relies on TSC printers
House of Cognac

Meukow, the prestigious Cognac brand, relies on TSC printers

The prestigious Meukow house, whose emblem is a panther symbolizing the strength, elegance and flexibility of its cognacs, is once again relying on TSC, a brand renowned for the quality, reliability and robustness of its printers.

It is near Cognac within the Matha Distilleries that the bottling of Meukow Cognac takes place. Here the production rate is at its peak with nearly 6000 bottles per hour. With 6 bottling lines, the site has a total capacity of 15 million bottles, combining Cognac, Brandy and other spirits, i.e. 18,000 hectolitres, for a workforce of 41 people and an annual turnover of 35 million euros.

If Meukow placed its trust in TSC several years ago, it knows perfectly well the quality of the Taiwanese manufacturer's products: durability at all times, very low maintenance and ease of use, enough to satisfy any producer! Already equipped with TSC tabletop printers for semi-automatic labelling of its bottles, it is now renewing its confidence by completing its fleet of complete print/apply systems. The solution developed by LRI and implemented by ARCOCEAN, a partner of TSC and Meukow for more than 15 years, has made it possible to fully automate the labelling processes on its Meukow bottling lines.

Installed at the end of the line to label bottle cartons, the solution consists of a system integrating TSC's brand new PEX-1000 printing mechanism. Extremely powerful, its powerful motor provides a printing speed of up to 18 inches per second, the fastest in its class. The mechanism has been designed to integrate easily into any print/application system, thanks to its fully compatible structure and GPIO interface. The complete module (photo opposite) includes an intuitive 3.5-inch color display with a 6-button menu and a USB Host interface available on the front panel for quick updates. With a resolution of 203 dpi to 600 dpi depending on the models, it adapts to different printing needs and label sizes, from small formats of 5 mm high to formats of 114 mm wide. It has a large memory capacity of 512 MB Flash and 512 MB SDRAM and USB, parallel and serial interfaces, Ethernet, USB Host and optional wireless WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 connections.

Once the label is printed by the TSC PEX-1000 module, an articulated arm places the label on the packaging board, which will then be shipped to the brand's points of sale in France and abroad. Some improvements have been made to the system by ARCOCEAN, such as the extension of the label application arm to perfectly adapt to the size of the boxes and a buffer zone has been created to regulate the timing of the label exit to adapt to the conveyor speed.

Thanks to the complete automation of its labelling processes, Meukow has significantly increased its production rates. According to Xavier Meignan, Supply Chain Director, the installation of the new print/application system was a real success: "More than 2000 cartons per hour are prepared and labelled on our fully automated packaging lines, while the production rates do not exceed 150 cartons per hour on the semi-automatic lines. »

ARCOCEAN also provided the SaaS printing software WebPrint developed by LRI, an IT services company specialized in the development of printing software and systems. This software allows Meukow to create its own label masks and to customize them quickly and easily (batch number, customer name...). For Xavier Meignan, this has considerably simplified their activities. "If we used to have to manage nearly 700 masks, today thanks to WebPrint software, 10 masks are enough to satisfy all our customer requests. »

"We are loyal to ARCOCEAN with whom we have been working in complete confidence for more than 15 years, both in labels and printing equipment. Even today, they have met our expectations by offering a tailor-made solution that is truly adapted to our needs, a solution developed on the basis of a solid partnership with TSC. "concluded Xavier Meignan.

More than satisfied with ARCOCEAN's services and the performance of TSC printers, Meukow plans to upgrade its bottle label printing station in the near future. The objective would be to double this workstation by coupling 2 PEX-1000 TSC printers to be able to print in two colours. This would eventually enable it to manufacture its own bottle labels, i.e. more than 3 million labels per year.


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