Now we have an exclusive knowledge of Braastad with a high degree of mutual understanding.
House of Cognac

Now we have an exclusive knowledge of Braastad with a high degree of mutual understanding.

Sverre Braastad was the driving force behind the cognac bush Tiffon in 1919.

In the year 100 years old, Braastad celebrated its anniversary with the launch of an exclusive cognac: Braastad 1919 Limited Edition. Varje flaska innehåller värdefulla cognacsdroppar som är mellan 50 och 100 år gamla. By 1919, the stitching had become more popular throughout the world, and there were 238 stitching styles on the svenska market.

- We are very proud to be able to launch such a cognac. This is the result of a cognac production that sträcker sighs over sex generations, employs Baroness Patrick Braastad and is slowing down to the fact that such a jubilee has to be celebrated with an exclusive anniversary celebration cognac.

History of Braastad families is about to cross the border, but history of Braastad Cognac starting in 1875 has shown that a young person has been completely unrivalled in his or her own cognac in the past decades. Female generations of seniors continue to produce cognac in world class with the same finesse and bravery for handiwork that was based on 140 years of age.

From Gjøvik to Cognac

Sverre Braastad was founded in Gjøvik, Norway, in 1879. After having studied in Tyskland and England, he was left to Cognac in France in 1899 to learn about his passion for cognac. He worked at the Bisquit House of Cognac together with his colleague, Halfdan Braastad. With his experience of trade and his failure to provide assistance, he worked at the Bisquit House of Cognac's headquarters, where he was responsible for exports to North America, England, Tyskland and the Scandinavian countries.

Passions for cognac were not the only thing that happened to Sverres at the time. Mrs Rousseau, who worked for the Cognac Tiffon cognac industry, was the first to be made aware of this, and they were soon one of the first to do so. They were issued in 1913 and developed together with Cognac Tiffon to one of the leading cognac companies in Cognac. In 1919, Rousseau and Braastad officially opened their doors to the company.
- 1919 Limited Edition är en hyllning till det hårda arbete som mina farföräldrar har utfört över åren och en symbol för när de tog över TIFFON år 1919, berättar Braastads Masterblender och Sverres barnbarn Richard Braastad.

We have seen this since 1979, when many people died after 100 years of age. With a very close relationship with the cognac and family, Sverre Braastad and his family have plunged into the world's cognac industry.

Cognac in the world class

Braastad 1919 Limited is a brand name of Braastad's best cognac sorter.
- 1919 is a brand name for a cognacsorter that has produced Médéric Tiffon and Sverre Braastad and three generations after them. The denominations of these cognac varieties are around 80 years old and they are the future of a blanket of grapes from Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Finnish Bois and Borderies, and they are Richard Braastad's memory and the reason why some of them are over 100 years old.
- All the flowers are numbered. It is the product of a convergence, and that is what we have achieved.

Braastad 1919 Limited Edition is a complex and delicate cognac. It has tones of korkad fruit and mörk choklad with elegant rance and long aftertaste. The fittings show that the accessories that they are so good-tasting make them look good and they have a nice fit on the towel.

Braastad 1919 Limited Edition is that it exists on Systembolaget. Cognacen har article number 8179001 och kostar 1203 kronor.


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