Shipments of cognac broke records in 2019

Shipments of cognac broke records in 2019

Deliveries of cognac from the Charente are estimated at 3.6 billion euros, an increase of 11.4% compared to 2018, according to statistics from the Bureau national interprofessionnel du cognac.

Cognac has never been exported so well. Shipments from the controlled appellation zone in the Charente of some 216.5 million bottles in 2019 are estimated at 3.6 billion euros, an increase of 11.4%, according to figures from the Bureau national interprofessionnel du cognac (BNIC) published on 15 January 2020. Exported at 98%, these sales have increased by 6% in volume.

While some of the cognac houses grouped together in the BNIC have decided to market volumes in the different countries which more or less correspond to normal sales, others have decided to anticipate possible international tensions and to increase their shipments somewhat artificially.

Thus, the North American market, which absorbs almost half of these shipments, is up 24.7% in value and 16.5% in volume, thanks to the vitality of exports to the United States. "Fears of measures linked to a new tax war have prompted some firms to artificially increase their shipments in order to protect themselves against possible trade retaliation," notes one observer.

France in fifth position

The BNIC believes that some players have indeed been led to make cyclical "geographical trade-offs" for their shipments. In other words, to give preference to deliveries to certain markets rather than others. This is probably why the European market is down 4.1% in volume, with 37.8 million bottles shipped. In value terms, however, it is down 1.5%.

The Far East, which accounts for 27.5% of shipments (59.5 million bottles), is led by China, up 3.3% in value, but more or less stable in volume (-0.9%).

France is still in fifth place on the cognac market with 4.5 million bottles sold in 2019, while for example almost half of champagne production is sold in France.

The BNIC states that the yield for the 2019 harvest was 98.7 hectoliters per hectare compared to 126.8 hectoliters per hectare for the previous harvest. Cognac is a real challenge since it employs 4280 winegrowers, 120 distillers and 280 merchants. In France, some 60,000 people live directly or indirectly from this Charente beverage.

Source : lefigaro.fr


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