Unusual: a drop of cognac set in a jewel
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Unusual: a drop of cognac set in a jewel

The Bordeaux company Arvin encapsulates prestigious wines or spirits in its creations. The A. de Fussigny cognac house has forged a unique partnership.

1. A concept developed by a wine enthusiast

A drop of a precious liquid, a renowned wine or an exceptional spirit, encapsulated in a glass bead set on a piece of jewellery. Fabrice Cocrelle has been chiselling the concept for two years. A graduate of a hotel school and the wine trade, this Bordeaux native describes himself as an "entrepreneur at heart". He has just set up Arvin, a company specialising in the creation of "pearls of wine and spirits". "The principle is to dematerialize a bottle of wine in a box. I am drawing on the experience of a well-known crimper, Carl Jolibert, a graphic designer, Laurent Chwal, and François-Emmanuel Seguin to develop the network," he explains. He has targeted the "very buoyant" luxury sector, with resolutely top-of-the-range products in yellow, pink or white gold.

2. The first exclusivity for a cognac house

Arvin launched his first jewellery collection. It also offers tailor-made creations for individuals. "A patented technique makes it possible to extract a few centilitres from a bottle without opening it. You might want to enhance a bottle attached to a family souvenir, for example," describes the entrepreneur. The company also offers companies the opportunity to design creations in their own colours. Thomas Gonon, president of the A. de Fussigny cognac house, was seduced by the project which he discovered through an acquaintance. The Charente brand has formed an exclusive partnership for a limited series.

3. A Petite Champagne from 1970 in a signet ring

The modest house A. de Fussigny finds in this project an opportunity to assert its taste for creativity and innovation. The collaboration results in a series of 10 gold signet rings bearing the brand's seal. "Each piece of jewellery can be personalised by adding inscriptions and diamonds," the company explains. The price varies with this tailor-made approach, ranging around €5,000. The jewel includes a cognac from the Petite Champagne cru from 1970. A. de Fussigny has chosen to associate this half-century-old eau-de-vie, the subject of a limited series of 251 boxes (at 500 € each), with this creation. It is distributed directly by the company, which targets its most loyal customers throughout the world.

Source : sudouest.fr


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