Wonderful precious drops.
House of Cognac

Wonderful precious drops.

On Thursday morning, Polet releases a number of exciting news that you should not miss. We have selected the top ten purchases.

There is consistently high quality of the products being released in Poland's specialty stores on Thursday morning.

Delicious, mature cognacs from the 70s, vintage grape from Sibona and the amazing fruit distillates from Capovilla are among the products to be released, as well as a very exciting room from Jaimaica.

The fruit distillates for Vittorio Capovilla are, as always, impressive. The man who is considered one of the foremost in the world in his field uses up to 65 kilos of fruit to make one liter of fruit distillate , and all the raw materials he uses are organic. When the way he distils also takes eight times longer than usual, it is no wonder that it becomes a very limited production, and there are few bottles that have come to Norway.

For anyone who is happy about the grappa, just look for the concentrated and complex grappa from Sibona. Here, there is great fruit imprint in good balance with nice fat aromas and a wonderful length.

The cognac lover should also take a trip to the special poles tomorrow. Both the Cognac Leyrat 1972 Single Cask, the Cognac Park Millesime Fins Bois 1974 and the Jean Fillioux Cask 75 TTG are all complex, velvety and sprawling 40-year-olds.

If you want to try a very exceptional room then you have to be quick on the lab. There have only been 12 bottles of Plantation Rum Extrême No3, Long Pond 1996, but if you were lucky enough to get a bottle, this is a room that despite high alcohol is soft and comfortable with fantastic concentration and length.

The products will be available in Poland's specialty stores at Aker Brygge, Valkendorfsgate, Hamar, Sandnes Kvadrat, CC-Vest, Sandefjord and Valentinlyst.

Source : dn.no


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