Cognac D'Aincourt

Established since 1848, the distillery is located in the heart of the Cognac region. D'AINCOURT Cognacs come exclusively from the Grande Champagne appellation: 1er cru de Cognac, from which the finest eaux-de-vie originate. Our cellar master, like a perfume craftsman with his creations, subtly selects and assembles our oldest eaux-de-vie to reveal the perfect chords of the prestigious Cognac D'AINCOURT collection [...]

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D'AINCOURT Rare XO is a blend of 10 eaux-de-vie, all from Grande Champagne. Aged 20 to 50 years old and aged in oak barrels, they have been selected for their rarity and elegance.


D’AINCOURT Extra is a blend of 12 exceptional eaux-de-vie, all from the Grande Champagne vintage and aged for several decades in oak barrels...


D'AINCOURT 1er Cru is a rare blend of very old eaux-de-vie, some of which are over 70 years old...