Delamain – XO Pale & Dry 20 cl Cognac

Delamain XO Pale & Dry Cognac - Grande Champagne 20 cl "Pale & Dry", "Pale" because it is not "brown" - which in the 18th century meant highly melted...

Delamain – XO Pale & Dry 20 cl Cognac
Age XO
cru Grande Champagne
alcohol 40%
bottle size 20cl
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Delamain – XO Pale & Dry 20 cl...

Delamain XO Pale & Dry Cognac - Grande Champagne 20 cl...

33.33 tax excl.
The Cognac

COLOUR: deliberately one of the lightest XOs, of a brilliant and velvety gold. Minimum colouring to ensure that from one cut to another, the colour is constant and not to darken the cognac. STYLE: "delicate and light", very well-balanced cognac with a delicate perfume and a delicate taste with the softness of age in the mouth. Excessively slow ageing of Grandes Champagnes. No addition of "woody". BOUQUET: powerful and long-lasting aromas on the nose, intense floral aromas followed by the vanilla appearance of "rancio". FLAVOUR: softness and roundness in the mouth, developing into fruit.

Floral Vanilla Rancio

For nearly two centuries, Maison Delamain - from generation to generation - has been the guardian of a way of thinking and living cognac that exceeds any usual reference. She crafts with skill and patience prestige cognacs unique in the world. Those from which we measure the best. To achieve this level of excellence and exception, the House masters an essential ingredient and forgotten: the time [...]

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