Distillerie du Peyrat – Grand Siècle Cognac

This Grande Champagne cognac is more than 60 years old and has a natural degree of 43% vol. not chilled. This exceptional product is sold with its box...

cru Grande Champagne
alcohol 43%
bottle size 70cl
age minimum 60
100 Items
400.00 tax excl.

Distillerie du Peyrat – Grand...

This Grande Champagne cognac is more than 60 years old...

400.00 tax excl.
The Cognac

This unique Cognac aged for more than 60 years is the top quality of our range of our Cognacs. Probably organic but not certified because of the lack of certification organism at this time, this Cognac is a summum of flavors and aromas concentration, only available in very small quantity.

While Jean-François Rault was re-organizing his old cellar, he discovered this old 300 liters cask which was forgotten by his family. On this barrel was written the date of 194_. Unfortunatly the last number was unreadable…

It has been remained in the same cask for more than six decades and is bottled directly from the cask after filtration.

Du Peyrat

Grandfather of the current owner, he created a wine and spirits business in the early 1920s. Henri Peyrat was born in 1885 in Corrèze - France. Thanks to his forest-owner family and cooper, he quickly developed a great interest in wine.
He founded his own company right after the first world war and quickly became a known wine merchant in the region [...]