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Grandfather of the current owner, he created a wine and spirits business in the early 1920s. Henri Peyrat was born in 1885 in Corrèze - France. Thanks to his forest-owner family and cooper, he quickly developed a great interest in wine. He founded his own company right after the first world war and quickly became a known wine merchant in the region [...]

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Blending of 12 years old Cognac at least ( most of them are from Petite Champagne ) ...


About the product: Location of the vineyard : in the Fins Bois delimited area of production, just a few km away from the delimited Grande Champagne area, also known as the first cru...


Blend of different Crus aged around 3-4 years...


This Grande Champagne cognac is more than 60 years old and has a natural degree of 43% vol. not chilled. This exceptional product is sold with its box set.