Dubosquet - Millesime 1989 Cognac Grande Champagne

A Grande Champagne Cognac from a single mythical year: 1989.

cru Grande Champagne
alcohol 40%
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180.00 tax excl.

Dubosquet - Millesime 1989...

A Grande Champagne Cognac from a single mythical year:...

180.00 tax excl.
The Cognac

A year in which the weather was exceptional and favourable to optimal flowering, with a sunny August alternating with moderate rainfall, thus exalting very beautiful bunches of grapes and quality ripening.

The colour is a deep amber and brilliant.

Nose and palate: splendid balance, first attack on spring fragrances such as sainfoin, clover, hawthorn, followed by blond tobacco with hints of musk with a unique length in the mouth on candied fruits such as ante plum or apricot, with very fine touches of leather to finish on hints of chocolate and mocha.

To be enjoyed at the end of a meal with friends and family on chocolate cake or on dark chocolate squares or chocolate truffles. This is the ideal vintage of cognac to share while listening to your favourite music, smelling the tulip-shaped glass and drinking for a while, keeping the glass at the bottom of the palm of your hand to capture the layers of scents and tastes of this exceptional cognac.

Candied Fruit Plum Chocolate / Cocoa Apricot Tobacco Mocha Hawthorn