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I propose Cognacs of vine growers, who each express their terroirs and their personalities. My cognacs are not cognacs of blends but author's cognacs, each with their style. At the end of the afternoon or as an aperitif, in agreement with a dish or cocktail, each one adapts to moments of tasting [...]

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Cognac VSOP Petite Cigüe Fanny Fougerat, Author's Cognac - Raw 100% Fine Wood Very pretty entry level, Petite cigüe is faithful to the structure of the other products: refined, fresh and gourmet while being very pleasant and very easy to drink, despite its youth...


Cognac Le Laurier d'Apolon Vendanges 2010 Fanny Fougerat, Cognac d'Auteur
- 100% Petite Champagne Cru Young, masculine and ambitious, this cognac offers a virile aromatic palette in a rich and powerful style...


Cognac Iris Poivré XO Fanny Fougerat Cognac d'Auteur
- Cru 100% Borderies First vintage of the estate, this Cognac is surprising because it is unconventional. An XO 100% Borderies, the flagship product of the domain. Precise, aerial, floral and very pleasant Cognac...


Cognac White Cedar Extra Old Fanny Fougerat Author Cognac
- Raw 100% Fine Wood White Cedar is a rich, powerful and enveloping Cognac. It combines finesse, strength and freshness, it offers a very beautiful moment of tasting...