Francois Voyer – Ancestrale N°8 Hors D’Âge Cognac

Cognac François Voyer Ancestral N°8, 186 bottles, is the fourth blend of François Voyer eaux de vie in this series and preserves this equally exclusive...

Private: Francois Voyer – Ancestrale N°8 Hors D’Âge Cognac
cru Grande Champagne
alcohol 43%
bottle size 70cl
tags Limited Etition
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Francois Voyer – Ancestrale N°8...

Cognac François Voyer Ancestral N°8, 186 bottles, is...

679.17 tax excl.
The Cognac

The origins of this assembly are relatively recent.
In 1996, it was following the competition for the Eaux de Vie de Segonzac, capital of Grande Champagne, 1st growth of Cognac, won in the "over 50 years old" category, that the first lot numbered "Lot 5" appeared with 196 bottles.

The finesse and delicacy of this lot are only equalled by its rarity. The sold out batch, a new Cognac of similar elegance level, was bottled, and L'Ancestral N°6, 202 bottles, was born.

Its supple attack is followed by a constant and straight development towards a length in the mouth worthy of Grandes Champagnes over 50 years old.

Rather spicy and fine flavours are revealed at the opening such as cedar wood, nutmeg, liquorice. It respects the very high level of our very high-end products; I am proud to present it to you today. Numbered set of 186 bottles. Bottled on September 04, 2018.

Spices Wooded Oakwood Nutmeg Liquorice Cedar
Francois Voyer

For more than 200 years and the French Revolution, the vines are grown on our lands in Verriéres and Ambleville, two villages with an exceptional reputation in Grande Champagne, 1st Cru de Cognac [...]