Frapin – 1991 Château de Fonpinot Grande Champagne Vintage Cognac

Cognac Frapin Chateau Fontpinot Millesime 1991 (20 years old) Grande Champagne : Trésor du Château, the last vintage bottled by Cognac FRAPIN, tells as...

Private: Frapin – 1991 Château de Fonpinot Grande Champagne Vintage Cognac
Age Vintage
cru Grande Champagne
alcohol 41.2%
bottle size 70cl
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Frapin – 1991 Château de...

Cognac Frapin Chateau Fontpinot Millesime 1991 (20...

111.58 tax excl.
The Cognac

Secret and magical, the 1991 vintage embodies a true confidence value, stamped "Grande Champagne, Premier cru de Cognac", a cognac from an ancestral house... carried by an exceptional vintage.

Exceptional, such as... the moment of tasting, which opens with distinguished fragrances of entrusted fruits (orange, apricot), enhanced with fine notes of honey and spices.

Exceptional, as... the relationship to time, after tasting this 1991, extended by an endless length in the mouth intimately linked to the FRAPIN style: distillation with lees in the six red copper stills.

Exceptional, such as... the rank held in 1991 in the FRAPIN Vintages collection.

Eternally marked by the spring frost that eradicated a large part of cognac production, it has struck each bottle produced with the seal of rarity.

Exceptional, as... is the wine heritage of Château Fontpinot, the 240-hectare FRAPIN estate in one piece in the heart of the Grande Champagne region.

Exceptional, as... these few moments suspended before the meeting with the 1991 Vintage Treasure of the Château de la Maison FRAPIN.

By giving time time time, through the grace of aeration in the glass, this cognac, with its beautiful orange colour, will enhance the depth of the aromas acquired from a long sleep of 20 years in oak barrels.

Candied Fruit Spices Honey Oakwood Candied Orange Candied apricot

Meeting time and a spirit, the Frapin style brings to its highest expression the quintessence of Cognac. With its exceptional vineyard spread over more than 240 hectares exclusively in the heart of the Grande Champagne 1er Cru de Cognac, the Frapin house embodies with passion the great tradition of a family settled in Charente since 1270 [...]

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