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The Heritage carafe is certainly a great discovery because it comes from the assembly of the oldest eaux-de-vie stored on the property...


This Cognac is a complex blend of eaux-de-vie, some of which are over half a century old...


This limited series is a cognac of meditation and sharing. But it is above all the story of a transmission that has succeeded over time in changing a profession into art...


1919 Celebration of Cognac Braastad - Limited Edition of 1919 bottles
A blend of our best cognacs from Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois.


Vieux Supérieur cognac is a blend of several old eaux de vie


The Age of Time RENAULT Cognac: 50 cl Since its creation in 1835, J.A. Renault has been producing rare cognacs, paying particular attention to mastering the fundamental stage of ageing in oak barrels. The Age of Time bears witness to this...


Cognac Remi Landier Très Vieux Fins Bois : Issued from the family reserve, this cognac was distilled by Rémi Landier more than 40 years ago ...


Cognac Remi Landier Très Vieux Grande Champagne: Coming from the family reserve, this Grande Champagne cognac is more than 40 years old distilled ...


This 2nd edition of Heritage Cognac is a blend of rare eaux de vie coming exclusively from the Fins Bois à Cognac region, distilled and aged by the Landier family until 2015, on the occasion of Rémi Landier's 90th birthday.


Forgeron Cognac "Barriques" Collection

Barrique 60 - 50 cl - 50,0° - Grape variety Ugni blanc - Grande Champagne


Cognac Forgeron Hors d'Age: An exceptional Cognac...


Cognac Maxime Trijol Rare Ancestral Grande Champagne 1er cru de Cognac.


Cognac Maxime Trijol Borderies Très Vieilles Limited Edition.


Cognac Maxime Trijol Dry Collection Lot N°1 Très Vieux Cognac Grande Champagne 1er cru de Cognac.


Lots of roundness, aromas of vanilla and burnt cream.


Each crystal decanter is enclosed in an oak box which represents the barrels used to age the cognac.


Deep old gold colour.
Its very evolved nose is marked by spice and sandalwood.


Passion! Cognac LEYRAT - Limited Edition - Fins Bois
Numbered crystal decanter, two small bottles for sharing!