Leyrat - Glory Extra Cognac

Leyrat Glory is remarkably lively and fresh. It is a Fins Bois Cognac that is the perfect choice to go out on the most special occasions, or would make...

Age Extra
cru Fins Bois
alcohol 45%
bottle size 70cl
tags Awarded
awards Gold IWSC
Gold WCA
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354.17 tax excl.

Leyrat - Glory Extra Cognac

Leyrat Glory is remarkably lively and fresh. It is a...

354.17 tax excl.
The Cognac

Leyrat Glory Cognac is a unique domain delight. Thanks to a fortunate oblivion that saw a group of barrels "forgotten", these eaux-de-vie have been left for more than 40 years to be strengthened and reduced. This means that this is a Cognac that has been allowed to age naturally to the perfect cask strength of 45% ABV.

This happened due to the storage of the casks at the back of the Paradise cellar of Layrat Cognac. Hidden from view, it is only in recent years that they have been rediscovered. In fact, there was no trace of the year in which the eaux-de-vie inside were distilled, but it was assumed that it was a minimum of four decades before it was discovered.

Eye: Warm, deep, old gold color.

Nose: Remarkable floral freshness with nuances of leaves, giving fine spices - remarkable cinnamon and pronounced aromas of fruit compote and quince.

Palate: Exceptionally smooth, full of peach and apricot, with a hint of resin and honey. An elegant and powerful finish.

A group of barrels, forgotten at the very bottom of the "Paradis" cellar, stored for decades on the LEYRAT estate, with no archives available to identify the year of distillation and whose alcohol level at the exit of the barrels has only been reduced naturally to 45° by the sole effect of time.

For a Cognac that is at least 40 years old, GLORY is remarkable for its liveliness and freshness.

Peach Spices Cinnamon Honey Apricot Floral Quince Leave

I chose the Domaine de Chez Maillard for the exceptional terroir of its 90 hectares of vines. Located at the top of a limestone hill and sunny, this vineyard famous in Fins Wood gives birth to fine and elegant eaux-de-vie of a breathtaking quality [...]

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