Cognac Lheraud XO Eugénie (30 years old) :
a lot of opulence, without lacking in elegance, aromas of nuts, dried apricots, hints of vanilla and sweet spices on the finish.
Presented in carafe.


Beautiful balance, aromas of raisins, a touch of vanilla and a hint of crême brulée on the finish, as well as a hint of citrus fruit.


Aromas of raisins, vanilla and burnt cream.


An elegant cognac !


Cognac Lheraud Cuvée 10 Renaissance - Beautifully balanced cognac with fresh citrus and sweet spice aromas.


Cognac Lheraud Cuvée 20 Renaissance - Full and opulent, with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and orange zest.


Cognac Lheraud XO Vieux Millénaire (25 years old): full-bodied, intense aromas, hints of crème brûlée and vanilla, sweet spices on the finish.


Cognac Lheraud XO Obusto : Very elegant with beautiful spicy scents, notes of honeyed almonds and very marked by leather, earth and toast. To be enjoyed with a large cigar of Cuban origin.


Cognac Lheraud Extra (30 years old): Opulent, with a beautiful finish, complex and long with lots of sweetness and mild spices.


Cognac Lheraud XO Charles X (30 years old): opulent and complex, lots of length, touches of vanilla and crème brûlée, as well as hints of candied pear.


Cognac Lheraud XO Charles VII (40 years old) :
Ample, complex and opulent, with many expressions, touches of vanilla and roasting, hazelnut, beautiful balance and length.
Presented in carafe.


Cognac Lheraud Vintage 1990 Petite Champagne.


Cognac Lheraud ancient paradise.


Cognac Lheraud Vintage 1983 Grande Champagne.


Cognac Lheraud Vintage 1982 Petite Champagne.


Cognac Lheraud Vintage 1982 Fins Bois.


Cognac Lheraud Vintage 1980 Petite Champagne.


Cognac Lheraud Vintage 1979 Grande Champagne.