Lheraud - 1977 Petite Champagne Vintage Cognac

Cognac Lheraud Vintage 1977 Petite Champagne.

Age Cognac
cru Petite Champagne
alcohol 46%
bottle size 70cl
100 Items
365.42 tax excl.

Lheraud - 1977 Petite Champagne...

Cognac Lheraud Vintage 1977 Petite Champagne.

365.42 tax excl.
The Cognac

Cognac Lheraud Vintage 1977 Petite Champagne.

Liquorice Candied Orange Wooded Coffee

In the heart of the city of Cognac and the vineyards of Grande Champagne, a few meters from the statue of François 1er, born in Cognac ...
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