Louis Royer EXTRA Cognac is for the House of Louis Royer the absolute, intimate expression of all its know-how, of this art transmitted by generations of Master Selectors and generations of Master Blenders.


Young, lively, natural, fresh, fruity, the Cognac LOUIS ROYER VS will surprise you with its sweetness...

- The Spirits Business Cognac Masters 2015 /UK Or
- International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015 /UK Or
- The Spirits Business Cognac Masters 2014 /UK Or


ELOGE was created to celebrate our passion, transmitted from generation to generation, for exceptional Cognacs.
This unique Grande Champagne is the perfect illustration of this passion.
After decades of ageing, it has reached its fullness in the dark and humid atmosphere of our Paradise, sublimating its richness and complexity.
In a handmade crystal decanter.


Rarely has a Cognac been celebrated so much in the world, receiving, year after year, the greatest international awards.


To characterize LOUIS ROYER VSOP Cognac is to attribute to it qualities that are usually reserved for older Cognacs.