Michel Forgeron – Barrique 96 Limited Edition Vintage Cognac

Cognac Forgeron Collection "Barriques" Collection Barrique 96 - 50 cl - 47,0° - Ugni blanc grape variety - Grande Champagne A cognac aged from 20 to 30...

Private: Michel Forgeron – Barrique 96 Limited Edition Vintage Cognac
Age Vintage
cru Grande Champagne
alcohol 47%
bottle size 50cl
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Michel Forgeron – Barrique 96...

Cognac Forgeron Collection "Barriques" Collection...

53.75 tax excl.
The Cognac

Terroir Like all Michel Forgeron cognacs, this "Barrique 96" Cognac comes from the Grande Champagne terroir, the most prestigious in the Cognac production area.
Breeding This Cognac "Barrique 96" has been aged for nearly 25 years in French oak barrels in the cellars of Domaine Michel Forgeron.
It has been patiently reduced by adding distilled water to 47 degrees of alcohol, a good compromise between preserving taste and aromas and power in the mouth. Tasting session Visual inspection: Cognac "Barrique 96" has a golden amber colour.
Olfactory examination: A mixture of cloves and cinnamon. Gustatory examination: A fine and delicate Cognac.

Wooded Oakwood Spices Cinnamon Clove
Michel Forgeron

Michel Forgeron is a Cognac Grande Champagne producer since 1965. He created his own brand in 1977 to allow the sale of Cognac to the property [...]

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