Park – Mizunara Japanese Oak Cognac

A unique combination of a Borderies Single Cru Cognac and Japanese Mizunara oak...

- Singapore International Competition : Gold 2018

Park – Mizunara Japanese Oak Cognac
Age Special
cru Borderies
alcohol 43.5%
bottle size 70cl
tags Awarded
awards Bronze USR
Gold SIC
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Park – Mizunara Japanese Oak Cognac

A unique combination of a Borderies Single Cru Cognac...

54.08 tax excl.
The Cognac

Mizunara is a variety of rare oak from Japan used for the manufacture of barrels for the aging of premium Japanese spirits. This Cognac 100% Borderies marked by its soft and round taste as well as its floral notes reveals its power at the end of the mouth. The maturing in Japanese oak casks will give it smoothness, depth and give it complex spicy notes.

A marriage that gives birth to a resolutely unique product. Aging: PARK Borderies Mizunara Cognac is aged 4 years in oak barrels, mainly Limousin. After 10 months in new barrels the cognac is transferred to red barrels.

Their capacity is 400 liters. Refining: At the end of its aging period, the blend is refined for 6 months in new Japanese oak barrels, with a capacity of 500 liters, called Mizunara.

- Singapore International Competition : Gold 2018
- Shogun Japan Spirits Competition : Silver 2018
- USA Spirits Ratings Competition : Bronze 2018 A unique alliance between a Single Cru Cognac Borderies and the Japanese Mizunara oak...
- Compétition internationale de Singapour: Or 2018
- Concours Shogun Japan Spirits: Argent 2018 - Concours USA Spirits Ratings: Bronze 2018

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