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1919 Celebration of Cognac Braastad - Limited Edition of 1919 bottles
A blend of our best cognacs from Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois.


A blend hand selected by Richard Braastad to create a very old and complex blend of cognacs from four of the six regions.


This cognac offers fresh and light iodine notes on the nose, a lively and slightly woody appetizer with hints of dried fruits and a finish with a salty touch and this softness so characteristic...


This is a single-estate cognac exclusively from the superb CAMUS vineyards in the heart of the prestigious Borderies appellation. It is the oldest and smallest growth of the appellation, representing less than 5% of the AOC Cognac. With its 188 hectares, CAMUS has the largest extension of vineyards owned by a single producer within the Cru. Thanks to their unique clayey-limestone soil rich in flint, our Borderies plots give birth to a very distinctive VSOP Single Estate, with deep floral notes.


D’AINCOURT Extra is a blend of 12 exceptional eaux-de-vie, all from the Grande Champagne vintage and aged for several decades in oak barrels...


Thanks to its perfect balance and an absolute roundness the Very Old Reserve of the Family wins the immediate and total adhesion of all those who discover it...


FRAPIN EXTRA Réserve Patrimoniale Cognac Grande Champagne - Very sweet, complex and subtle of old port mixed with the scents of wooden cigar boxes typical of old Grande Champagne, which appear after a very long ageing. Concentrated aromas...