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Cognac Lheraud ancient paradise.


A unique combination of a Borderies Single Cru Cognac and Japanese Mizunara oak...

- Singapore International Competition : Gold 2018
- Shogun Japan Spirits Competition : Silver 2018
- USA Spirits Ratings Competition : Bronze 2018 A unique alliance between a Single Cru Cognac Borderies and the Japanese Mizunara oak...
- Compétition internationale de Singapour: Or 2018
- Concours Shogun Japan Spirits: Argent 2018 - Concours USA Spirits Ratings: Bronze 2018


To accompany the end of the year celebrations, DEAU COGNAC has created a unique, rare and luxurious bottle, a real jewel adorned with gold leaves: L.V.O...


Larsen Cognac House celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. To celebrate the anniversary, the House launches a new blend that expresses the same Larsen Cognac style since 90 years back...


Founded in 1926, Maison Larsen continues to innovate and present its new blend, Larsen Summer Blend...