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A unique combination of a Borderies Single Cru Cognac and Japanese Mizunara oak...

- Singapore International Competition : Gold 2018
- Shogun Japan Spirits Competition : Silver 2018
- USA Spirits Ratings Competition : Bronze 2018 A unique alliance between a Single Cru Cognac Borderies and the Japanese Mizunara oak...
- Compétition internationale de Singapour: Or 2018
- Concours Shogun Japan Spirits: Argent 2018 - Concours USA Spirits Ratings: Bronze 2018


Cognac Lheraud ancient paradise.


Founded in 1926, Maison Larsen continues to innovate and present its new blend, Larsen Summer Blend...


Larsen Cognac House celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. To celebrate the anniversary, the House launches a new blend that expresses the same Larsen Cognac style since 90 years back...


To accompany the end of the year celebrations, DEAU COGNAC has created a unique, rare and luxurious bottle, a real jewel adorned with gold leaves: L.V.O...