Tiffon - XO Cognac

Tiffon cognac is a blend of old eaux de vie from the best vintages, carefully aged in our cellars.

Cognac Tiffon - XO
Cognac Tiffon - XO
Coffret Cognac Tiffon - XO
Age XO
cru Blend
alcohol 40%
bottle size 70cl
tags Awarded
awards Silver IWSC
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68.33 tax excl.

Tiffon - XO Cognac

Tiffon cognac is a blend of old eaux de vie from the...

68.33 tax excl.
The Cognac

Eye: A rich amber colour, like rich caramel, reproducing the aromas stored inside.

Nose: A sweet and fruity bouquet of vanilla, caramel and dried figs.

Palate: Vanilla and oak dominate, followed by notes of cocoa and leather, a long finish with a delicate balance of cocoa and warm, exotic spices. The warming spices linger, this XO is the perfect winter treat after a long day in the cold.

Spices Vanilla Chocolate / Cocoa Leather Oakwood Caramel Coffee Fig

With strong ties to the Scandinavian country of Norway, the history of Cognac Tiffon dates back to 1875. Tiffon is to this day a family run business, and is based at the beautiful family home, the Chateau de Triac, just 5 kms from the town of Jarnac. The Chateau itself has a battle-scarred and convoluted history, dating back to the 11th century, which includes being razed to the ground by fires and completely demolished during the Hundred Years’ War [...]