Vaudon - Fine Rare Vintage 2011 Cognac

Fine Rare Cognac Vaudon - Fins Bois

Age Vintage
cru Fins Bois
alcohol 43%
bottle size 70cl
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34.17 tax excl.

Vaudon - Fine Rare Vintage 2011...

Fine Rare Cognac Vaudon - Fins Bois

34.17 tax excl.
The Cognac

On the nose:
The amount is floral and delicate with pretty notes of jasmine and ripe banana. It is a delicate bouquet, floral then fruity and subtle, very seductive.  

On the palate:
the attack is surprisingly soft and silky, the pear notes are very present and accompany you several minutes after tasting. The whole leaves a very pleasant impression of purity.

Pear Banana Floral Jasmin

After 15 years as winemaker at Domaine François Voyer, Pierre Vaudon signs a first bottle from 100% of his vineyard. His estate, located in Echallat, consists of a vineyard 60 hectares divided between Grande Champagne and Fins Bois [...]