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Distilled with the lees and aged only in small, fine-grained French oak barrels, our Very Special is characterised by an extremely high concentration of esters, giving intense aromas of summer fruit and subtle spices.


The Park VS Carte Blanche Cognac is a wonderful example of how a young, vibrant cognac should be. Specialising in providing cognacs with a pure and unadulterated take, this blend is typical of the houses signature style...


The Tiffon VS Cognac is the youngest of the cognacs on offer from this well-respected house...


Renault Bleu Nuit is the result of an expert blend of eaux-de-vie aged for a long time in hand-made Limousin oak barrels...


Smell sweet and pleasant. Delicate woody and vanilla notes of the Limousin oak. Floral scents of rose and vine flower...


Dress Coppered gold...


Every cognac lover knows that they need a VS or two to complete their cabinet. And the Michel Forgeron VS Cognac is a great one to include...


Cognac Meukow 90 is a VS cognac containing 45% alcohol...


The award winning Meukow VS Cognac is truly versatile and represents great value for money. If you think you know what to expect with a VS cognac, then this is one that will change your expectations, as it offers a far higher quality than you would normally expect from such a young blend...

- Silver Outstanding Medal at The International Wine & Spirit Competition in 2018.
- BEST COGNAC VS and Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2015


Cognac Maxime Trijol Elegance Grande Champagne 1er cru de Cognac.


Young, lively, natural, fresh, fruity, the Cognac LOUIS ROYER VS will surprise you with its sweetness...

- The Spirits Business Cognac Masters 2015 /UK Or
- International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015 /UK Or
- The Spirits Business Cognac Masters 2014 /UK Or


Aromas of raisins, vanilla and burnt cream.


Cognac Leyrat Fine VS Cognac is a Fins Bois blend, well presented, and a beautiful pale golden color...
-International Wine & Spirit Competition IWSC Silver 2011
-San Francisco World Spirits Competition SFWSC Gold 2015


A very fresh first nose brings touches of plum and almond, evolution towards notes of leather, the mouth is light, balanced and pleasant... -International Wine & Spirit Competition IWSC Gold 2015


The Larsen Winter Blend Cognac is a rather unique concept. Please note: this one is a Cognac, not a wine spirits like the summer version...


Larsen VSVC Very Special Viking Cognac is the youngest in the Larsen range...
Larsen VS received the acclaimed award World's Best VS Cognac 2016.


Created as a tribute to the long history of Frapin, this VS Cognac is made solely from the best grapes in the region and is versatile, rich and floral...
- San Francisco World Spirits Competition – US Double Gold - 2019
- Ultimate Spirits Challenge – US 91/100 « Excellent. Highly Recommended » - 2019
- Bartenders Brand Awards – UK - Design Trophy - 2018
- Gilbert & Gaillard – UK 90/100 - 2018


The Terres de Grande Champagne Francois Voyer VS Cognac is a great, young blend that boasts a smooth, delicate bouquet of flowery tones such as linden and violets.

These linger on the nose, with tones so typical of a cognac that comes from Grande Champagne.

A lovely, golden copper colour - a cognac that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or digestif, but is also great when combined with a mixer or in a cocktail.