Baron Otard – Fortis et Fidelis Cognac

This Cognac pays homage to its founder and creates "Fortis and Fidelis". Present on the arms of the Otard family for centuries this motto means "Strength...
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Baron Otard – Fortis et Fidelis...

This Cognac pays homage to its founder and creates...

3 725,00 €
This Cognac pays homage to its founder and creates "Fortis and Fidelis".Present on the arms of the Otard family for centuries this motto means "Strength and Loyalty".It symbolizes the values ​​advocated by Baron Otard in his time.Respected by his peers for his human qualities, the heart of the Baron was also deposited in the Church Saint-Léger of Cognac to honor his memory at his death in 1824. No other name than "Fortis and Fidelis" could not better to the nobility of this assemblage.Rare eaux-de-vie have been cautiously preserved for generations in order to achieve this exceptional blend. These eaux-de-vie from time immemorial reinforce the preciousness of this cognac. Our Maître de Chai took an infinite care of the sublime assembly before letting it ennoble in the cellars of the castle. The Château Royal de Cognac was acquired by BARON OTARD for its unique aging conditions: the thickness of its walls and the proximity of the Charente river guaranteeing a constant temperature and ideal humidity. Fortis and Fidelis take you back to this time when BARON OTARD's nobility of soul was recognized by everyone.Olfactive note: The powerful and generous attack of the dominant note reveals scents of plums and nut chips. The sweetness of spices, especially nutmeg, magnifies the whole composition. The final note combines the sweetness of candied orange with the nobility and robustness of the leather.Gustative note: Due to its great maturity, Fortis and Fidelis exude dense aromas of opulent richness. Delicate notes of dried plums blend in harmony with a subtle touch of rancio. The mellowness of the candied fruit melts at length on the taste buds while a touch of spices grazes the palate.
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Baron Otard

Le Château Royal de Cognac dominant le fleuve Charente a d’abord été une forteresse du 10ème siècle destinée à arrêter les invasions normandes, puis au 15ème siècle un logis seigneurial où naquit l’un des plus illustres rois de France, François Ier. Le Baron Otard, qui avait fondé sa Maison de Cognac en 1795, comprend vite à quel point l’épaisseur des murs offre des conditions exceptionnelles et uniques pour le vieillissement de ses eaux-de-vie. Il acquiert alors le Château le sauvant ainsi de la destruction totale [...]

Visiter Baron Otard : Château Royal de Cognac – 127 Boulevard Denfert Rochereau - 16100 Cognac - +33 (0)5 45 36 88 86